Hiking with the Alaska Chicken Herder

Yesterday was just too gorgeous here in southcentral Alaska to not get out and play. After a brief discussion with Ms. Chicken Herder, we decided a hike up Bird Ridge with its southerly slope was just what we needed. It was sunny and warm (for Alaska), mild wind, and not a cloud in the sky. Bird Ridge is one of those hikes that is like climbing stairs, but you are well rewarded for every step with breathtaking beauty all around you. With each new step, there is a new view–a new snow capped mountain comes into view, a bore tide surges below, an eagle soars high above. It truly is paradise.


I wasn’t really planning on going all the way up. You can get some pretty spectacular views at the lower altitudes. But it was such an awe-inspiring day that time simply stood still, and we frolicked here and there, up further and further, among the jagged rocks and crisp snow. The colors were surreal: verdant green, snow white, and electric blue.


The snow was refreshing, the air intoxicating, and my chicken herder’s excitement contagious. What a grand day, not soon to be forgotten! Alaska is a very special place. (wag, wag)


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