Chicken Races

If you’re looking for a little entertainment, for both you and your girls, take them some leftover linguini and watch the fun begin! I must admit, I haven’t laughed this hard in some time.

While making linguini for lunch, I ended up with a piece in the sink strainer. Instead of throwing it out, I thought why not give it to the chickens? After all, cleaning up food scraps falls under their other duties as assigned. Right? So, out I went, linguini piece in hand. I was immediately met by all the girls. Their eyesight is keener than most realize—I swear they can see me all the way in the kitchen, and no doubt know what I’m doing at any given moment (kind of creepy, eh?)

I held the piece of noodle firmly about waist high over the girls. A couple of them didn’t hesitate to jump up, and I was surprised how high they can jump! I held it firm and Georgiana was the most persistent, with constant jumping and excitable noises (she’s my “loud” one). So, she grabs it, but hard! And off they go… Georgiana is running around the yard like a crazy girl… darting here and there, rather like a football game. She’s got the ball and keeps trying to avoid contact with the other girls. The only difference is, there is no goal area. She’s just running, and running, and running, all the while with noodle in mouth.

chickenRacesAt this point, I’ve almost peed my pants, I’m laughing so hard. This goes on for quite a few minutes. Finally, she is cornered by about three of them. Elsa, quite forcibly, grabs the noodle and pulls it out of Georgiana’s mouth. Georgie girl gets rather upset and grabs it back, rather hard and quickly. So hard, in fact, that she does a half gainer over Elsa’s head! I kid you not! I wish I had it on video… to see a chicken nearly attached at the beak to another chicken and do essentially a cartwheel with no hands! I’m still laughing. They both stood there afterwards, a bit stunned, no doubt wondering what just happened!

And the really funny part? During these acrobatic maneuvers the noodle was likely flung under the nearby porch, out of reach. It just plain disappeared. The girls looked for it all over. I’m still laughing! Oh, girls, you are quite the amusing bunch!

Needless to say, I made linguini again that day. Couldn’t help myself. :-)

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