Warm Rose Hip Mint Tea

Warm Rose Hip Mint Tea

There’s nothing like freshly made hot tea to take the chill out of the air, especially when it’s made with fresh mint and rose hips from the garden. It makes a great breakfast companion to my farm fresh eggs and homemade bread. Ah yes, the simple things in life are what put the biggest smile on my face.


With rose hip mint tea in hand, I head out in to the cold, frosty morning to let the girls free range for a bit in the sunshine. As I open the run door, they rush the entrance, tripping over one another. Slow down, girls! There’s plenty of outdoors for everybody! They are characters. Once they hit the grass heads bow and the nibbling begins–frantic at first, but they soon settle.

I love being a part of their world and listening to all the sounds they make. They chatter while they nibble. Sometimes it’s very clear what one is saying. I feel as though I’m learning to speak (or at least understand) chicken. My favorite sounds are when they are content, and they hum a soft, peaceful tune.


With temps in the 30s, my rose hip mint tea is cooling rather fast. The girls have grown some nice downy feathers and are obviously better suited for this cool weather than I am. I take a few photos and meander back into the warmth of my home. I love my slow-paced mornings filled with purpose. Life is good.

Chores Before Snow

As today’s forecast threatens snow, I’m thrown into a near panic thinking about all the little coop and yard chores I have yet to finish. I must be a bad chicken mommy for not having attended to these chores already. But, life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.

I’ve been planning what to do with the wonderful crop of rose hips I just harvested. And what to do with the enormous amount of mint I have collected? Most likely the mint, and perhaps the rose hips, will be dried and put up for winter to be used in teas on cold winter mornings. The dried mint will come in handy in the coop bedding throughout the winter. As long as winters are up here, it’s a good thing I have so much.


I’m determined to make something yummy with with at least some of the rose hips. Eating them raw I’ve discovered they are very sweet and tasty–larger and sweeter than the wild ones I sample while hiking local trails.

But the processing of these bountiful goodies will have to be put off for today. The threat of snow has launched me into the “get ‘er done” mode. My coop could actually survive winter just fine in its current state. However, there are a few niceties that I’d like to do to help make winter more enjoyable for the girls and for me!

So, enough with the small talk. I’m off to suit up and head out into the brisk morning air and accomplish all sorts of wonderful chores. Have a great day!