Chicken Drama

Who knew that there could be so much drama in keeping chickens? I sure didn’t. Between the two new little ones, the regular chicken duties, and now one –maybe two– chickens going broody, I have my hands full!

GeorgianaGoesBroodyGeorgiana has decided she wants to hatch out non-fertile eggs. Silly chicken, I’ve told her this will not work. But, she insists on hogging the nesting box, making noises I honestly didn’t think a chicken could make, and just acting like a psycho chicken! I finally put her in a large dog kennel, hoping it would help break her of her broodiness. But so far, all she does it walk frantically back and forth, screeching, trying to find a way out. She has her own food, water and perch. The others are quite jealous, in fact. But she’s not happy. I’m hoping with time that will change.

Cora is acting mildly broody. I only have two nesting boxes, so you can see where this will be a problem. I’ve found eggs in the corner of the coop, in a “nest like” indent in the litter. The other girls are very confused as to where they should lay. Production has dropped (or maybe there is another hiding place?) Thus the need to separate Georgiana.

Almost all of the girls seem a bit on edge lately. Not sure if it’s just spring fever or broody chicken induced. Ah, chicken drama… who knew!?

Everyone please hold the good thought that this madness will soon end and we can go back to the calm chicken life we once knew…

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