The variety of eggs my girls give me never ceases to amaze me. EggsByCora2Each gal’s egg has its own shape and texture, which has been pretty consistent. The color can vary, though. I assume diet plays a role in color. The pretty “lacing” I get on some eggs is due to extra calcium deposits. Gwennie gives me lacing on her eggs fairly regularly. Cora has produced some amazing lacy eggs.

I purchased an egg skelter to keep my eggs in order of freshness. It holds about two dozen eggs, and is very useful for keeping the eggs in order of when they were laid. I used to put them in baskets which took up quite a bit of counter space. I still use pretty baskets in addition to the egg skelter when it’s full–which is quite often, except in the dead of winter.

It feels so right to be this close to my food source. Iskelter still get all giddy checking the nest boxes, like a kid at Christmas.

Life can be so amazing–if we don’t take it for granted, and cherish all that we have, while we have it. Life is but a circle, ever changing, and truly amazing.